Colour your life

It’s no mystery that the sun and its source of light (or lack of) can have a profound effect on us all. Having lived for many years in a city often deprived of sunshine, I found myself feeling sapped of energy and vigour. After having moved to a warmer climate, I realized being somewhere with plenty of sunshine was a critical aspect of my wellbeing.

Thousands of years ago, some countries began exploring colour and its healing capabilities. Egypt, Greece and China are known for their forays into colour healing and therapy.

The ancient Egyptian people honoured Ra, God of the Sun. Their society profoundly understood that the sun was a source of life, energy, light and warmth and so, it may not surprise you to know that the cult of Ra had immense power and influence. The Greeks honoured Helios, who was similar to Ra in many aspects. Homer describes Helios as, “giving light both to gods and men.” … more

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