Features to be considered for a mobile app

Last Blog was about Why a Business needs a mobile application, where as in following paragraphs, we are going to focus on what are the possible features that need a mobile application to take care. This is my own views based on my experience and observations, I would love to read your views in comments about features to be implemented in a mobile app.

  • According to reports average person spends around 3 hours and 40 mins daily on mobile phone, where our 90% of time on mobile is spent in apps. So, we are already living in an environment where it is normal to have mobile apps installed on phone in addition to data network. Still doing a complete homework is most important before developing an app. Important factors to consider while doing a homework include:
  • Cost to ROI Analysis
  • Be sure if you really want an app or a mobile friendly website will work ?
  • Know the features to be added and the design of app

So, when we are looking for mobile application development for our business, what are the possible features that we need to target. I am writing this blog specifying restaurant business as sample.

  • Customer Services: Information about Menu, working hours, contact numbers, reviews and sharing it on social media are kind of services customers often expect in an app. Answers to all possible questions that customers might need to ask about services offered by a business.
  • Online Ordering: Having the facility to order food without waiting in long queue is ideal for those who quickly want food to be picked from restaurants or delivered at door step. It also saves time and cost to call or visit the outlet before
  • Payment Options: Although some of the users might not like to use credit cards for small payments like Lunch or it is a little uncomfortable to use Credit Cards while using public WiFi, still there is a wast majority who would like to not worry about keeping cash in their wallet and would pay in advance while processing the order. It is best to have both options for order payment. Customer should be able to decide either to Pay via Credit Card or choose the COD(Cash on Delivery) option. Legalities involved in enabling smooth payment gateway for the application might increase completion time and cost significantly, so businesses usually don’t mind to go with COD(Cash on Delivery) to get application launched and implement payment gateway integration at later stage.
  • Loyalty Programs: One question that arises every time we think about app development, ‘Why someone will download and use our app ?’. This is fair question when there are millions of apps and why someone would bother to go to app store and download our app. Well, we can’t force anyone for some action but we can make it feel good to download and use the app. Some one using our mobile app shows the loyalty of the  customer to our business and we should reward it appropriately. It will also encourage others to do the same. So, providing a loyalty program or some promotional code specific to app usage would be a good move to stand out of the crowd.
  • Location Finder: Finding nearest outlet for the customer and directions using a navigator app like Google Maps is an important feature that we can offer in the app. It may help users to order food to be picked from nearest outlet and drive there without any confusion.
  • Reservations: If you are going to arrange a lunch/dinner with friends, family or colleagues, Being able to reserve your seats to have a smooth experience of the event, is very important. An app having a feature to reserve a table is a great plus.
  • Whats in your menu, Gallery of Yummy Food photos: As we can’t taste a food through an app, still there are two important features of the app that can help users to imagine what they can expect when they go to restaurant. Providing a list of Menu with pricing and yummy food images would help customer to imagine the kind of delicious food they are going to have.
  • Gallery of images showing ambiance of the restaurant and different events showing the experience of having lunch / dinner at that restaurant makes an additional selling point that may help customers to consider booking a reservation.




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